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We are interested in OEM of Made in Japan products ...

We would like to start OEM trading for Made in Japan products ...

OEM of the Made in Japan products have already done ...


Don't you have you ever questioned :


-How to start with? -What if your company has not yet been established? -Whether distance will be a trouble? -Whether sample can be asked for easily? -Whether packages and designs can be ordered? -Who to ask? -How to manage with limit manpower? -Whether you can make products benchmarking Japanese top selling items?

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Who we are

We are Medical ONE Co., Ltd, a coordinating company that is commissioned from factories to develop products from 2003 in Japanese market.
We’ve been affiliating with big and small factories for over 15 years to find solution for our clients, giving birth to over 500 products line in Japanese market.



They are:

Factories specializing in manufacturing toner, gels and creams.
Factories specializing in manufacturing soaps and face mask packs.
Factories specializing in manufacturing hair care items such as shampoo.
Factories specializing in manufacturing supplements.
So on and so forth

If you are keen on exploring Made in Japan's OEM products, let us be your guide!



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We are interested but do not know how to start with.
Let us know your story, your ideas, your expectation, how you want your product to be, we will help you to visualize it.
We have not established our company yet.
It should be fine as long as you have a base address.
Worried whether work can go well in a remote place.
It will be possible to advance without any inconvenience through email, chat, conference call etc. Of course, when visiting manufacturing factory or visiting Japan, we are more than happy to coordinate during your stay in Japan. Do not worry!
We would like to know if we can request samples easily.
If it is a small amount for the purpose of texture confirmation, it will basically be free. However, should a big amount is requested, an additional fee will be applied.
We want to know whether it is possible to manufacture in small quantity?
It is possible to manufacture in small quantity: For example, > Minimum order quantity of soap is about 500 pieces. > Minimum order quantity of lotion, serum, toner, gel or cream is about 1,000 packages. > Minimum order quantity of hair shampoo or conditioner is about 1,000 packages. > Minimum order quantity of supplement is about 1,000 packages.
We'd like to know whether packages and designs can be ordered?
Of course there is no problem.
We do not know who to ask for?
Please contact us first. In accordance with your request, we will coordinate plan that can fulfill your requirements from a wide range of our partners.
Why Medical One but not factory?
We have been building relationship with our affiliated factories for over 15 years, building total volume with them over a long time. Therefore, the cost would usually be cheaper than directly order from factories.
We want to make products benchmarking Japanese top selling items.
Of course there is no problem.

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Working hours

Monday- Friday :10:00-17:00 Hrs
(Phone until 17:00 Hrs)

We are here

Medical ONE Co., Ltd.
5F Resona Kudan Building 1-5-6 Kudan-Minami Chiyoda , Tokyo

TEL +81 42 444 0639

FAX +81 3 6636 5034

Directors: Sunaga


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